Advanced Internet Marketing

Here’s what you need to know before getting started…

As a business owner, the ideal online scenario probably goes something like this: a potential customer searches on Google for the product or service you offer (let’s say, “deck installers”), your website appears at the top of the search results, the customer visits your site and likes what they see, they contact you to make a purchase, and you gain another satisfied customer.

But here’s the thing – you aren’t the only deck installers in town, and there may be plenty others with websites that are just as good as yours. They also know the importance of appearing at the top of search results. So how can you gain an advantage? B2W can provide you with professional website promotion solutions to increase your site’s exposure and credibility.

Originality Can Push You Forward

Professional website promotion isn’t an automatic thing controlled by software or technology. Yes, software does play a part, but the bulk of the work is done by real people. B2W’s online marketing experts are skilled in crafting original, targeted content that appeals to search engines. Through this strategy, your site will rise well above sites that don’t regularly update their content or post original text. We are familiar with the search engines’ methods, and make sure to stay on top of any changes.

So What Does B2W Provide?

Keyword Research: When promoting your website, one of the best strategies is implementing common keywords and key phrases that potential customers use when they’re looking for a particular service or product.
B2W performs in-depth keyword research to identify the most effective words.

Competitor Analysis: We will assess the performance of competing websites within the industry.

Content Management: B2W will add high-quality, original, keyword-rich content to your site, making it more compatible with Google’s requirements.

Link Building: We will promote your online presence by adding links to your website from other relevant, reputable sites.

Using these actions and more, B2W works to enhance your online business presence. This process doesn’t happen overnight, which is why we provide ongoing support and progress reports throughout the entire promotion period.

Lead in Google, Lead in Business

During a personal consultation, our team of specialists will clearly outline the steps that should be taken to promote your website and achieve a higher search engine ranking. Time is of the essence—your competitors could be working right now to reach the #1 spot.

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