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Does your business have a presence on the world’s biggest social network? B2W can professionally develop and manage your Facebook Fan Pages. 

Social Network Marketing – the Key to Consumer Engagement 

Social networks are online communities where users share messages, images, and videos about all topics, both personal and business related. Social network marketing, which is based on the traditional word of mouth method, creates a connection between people and content. 
Through this strategy, advertisers can segment their target market according to gender, age, place of residence, and areas of interest, and tailor an advertising campaign to their marketing goals:

• Increasing brand awareness
• Managing the brand’s image online
• Cultivating client loyalty
• Maximizing website traffic
• Increasing sales, and more…

The Leading Social Networks

Facebook, the world’s leading social network, has 750 million users, half of which visit the website on a daily basis. Fairly quickly, Facebook has become the preferred marketing medium for companies that understand the importance of social network marketing. After opening a business page, you can attract a community of fans by offering quality content, special offers, contests, discounts, and more. 
This video sharing site allows users to upload videos and share them with tens of millions of people all over the world. Countless businesses upload videos that carry both direct and indirect marketing messages. Some of the most successful videos ‘go viral’ – which means they are seen my millions of people, at no cost. 
Twitter is a social network based on the assumption that the average person doesn’t have the time to read long blogs, and allows a maximum message length of 140 characters. Many brands utilize Twitter to communicate interesting messages and updates, maintaining a direct connection with current and potential customers. 
An international social network for businesses and independent professionals, LinkedIn currently has around 120 million users. The network allows members to create a personal profile detailing their personal and professional experience – including skills, achievements, past jobs, and certifications – and connect with other users. 
Just launched in 2011, Google’s social network has already accumulated over 40 million users. Google+ allows its members to create profiles and lists of friends with whom they can share content. 

A better customer dialogue starts here. 

As opposed to traditional media, where one-way messages are dispensed to the general public, social network marketing engages potential customers with two-way discussions and interesting, relevant content. 

Through this modern form of marketing, you can create targeted advertising campaigns and promote products and services with minimal budgets. In fact, most discussions on social networks revolve around the review and recommendation of products or services. 
Users can voice their opinion by clicking either the ‘Like’ or “Share’ button, and with that they pass their recommendation on to their friends…just like traditional word of mouth advertising.
As opposed to the common Internet marketing methods—such as banners, PPC ads, and website promotion—social network marketing must be done in a measurable, thoughtful way. Just like any other marketing activity, it requires careful planning, persistence, and patience to achieve real results.

With our strong familiarity with social networks, we’re uniquely qualified to help you build a lively dialogue with your target market, connect with existing and potential customers, increase your online exposure, and establish your brand as an industry leader. 

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