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With such high volumes of traffic and large-scale exposure to potential customers, a popular advertising medium has emerged: Google Adwords, or ‘Google Advertising’. 
This medium is highly popular among both small businesses and large corporations, largely due to the targeted benefits it offers to advertisers.

The Effective Way to Close Deals
Google Adwords uses a Pay Per Click (PPC) program, in which personalized ads (“paid search ads”) are shown alongside the regular (“organic”) Google results. As opposed to traditional media outlets, Google ads are highly focused. 
After a user enters a search phrase, they see results that are tailored to the product, service, or content they’re seeking. When they click the ad, the user will be redirected to the advertiser’s landing page or website – and from there, the chances of closing a deal are largely increased.

However, to prevent the loss of money through erroneous clicks, it’s best to enlist a professional to create a PPC campaign.

At B2W, we manage all aspects of PPC campaigns so that advertisers can run a number of paid campaigns at the same time. We constantly monitor the ads’ performance, number of clicks, average cost per click, and ongoing optimization of the campaign to maximize results. 
Every client can monitor his or her own campaigns by directly accessing the ad campaign management platform in Google. 

How is ad placement determined in Google Adwords?
The location of ads in Google’s search engine is affected by two factors:

1. The ad’s quality score
This score is determined by the relevancy of the search phrase, the percentage of clicks on the ad, and the relevancy of the destination website.

2. The maximum cost per click
This is the cost advertisers are willing to pay for each click. The average cost per click is determined by the demand of those who advertise with that same search phrase. A high quality score will allow you, as an advertiser, to enjoy a lower average cost per click, and higher placement in ad rankings.

Google Adwords Benefits 

  Focused, Targeted Advertising
Google Adwords will be activated only when a user types in keywords that are relevant to your product or service.
  Full Control Over Budget
You can define a daily advertising budget, and when it’s spent, the ads stop appearing.
  Full Control Over Timing
Google Adwords allows you to define times of operation, whether it’s certain hours or days. You can easily stop or renew activity. 
  Payment for Clicks (Conversions) Only!
If no one clicks on your ad, you won’t pay a thing!
  Transparency and Measurement
Google Adwords includes a variety of tools to improve conversion rates (the number of referrals in proportion to the predefined budget), and provides comprehensive information regarding the click ratio, cost per click, ad placement, and more.
  Exposure to Additional Markets
You’ll reap the benefits of additional exposure within websites pertaining to your product or service.

Website promotion + organic promotion – invest today in tomorrow’s success!

In addition to the ads that appear at the top and to the left of the Google search results, Google also presents organic, or natural, search results containing the websites that are most relevant to the search term.
So, how does Google rank the websites that appear in the search results?

The actual algorithm Google uses is kept confidential. However, some of the known factors determining organic website rankings include links to other websites, the frequency of content updates, and the functionality and quality of the website’s code. 
With professional website promotion, you can improve the ranking of your website in Google’s standard (organic) search results, boosting your site’s credibility and increasing the number of visits from those interested in your products or services.

Google advertising can work for you!
B2W has years of experience in targeted Google advertising campaigns, enabling you to climb to the top of the search results and maintain your ranking for an extended period of time. 

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